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10 Reasons to Rethink Reproductive “Choice” by Marlene Gerber Fried

What it Really Takes to get an Abortion by the Third Wave Foundation

The Civil Liberties and Public Policy Program: is a reproductive rights organization that trains, educates, and inspires new leaders, organizers, and supporters nationwide.  CLPP is located at Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts and works with new generations of activists to advance their leadership and strengthen the reproductive rights movement. Since our beginnings in 1981, CLPP has been training students and young people as reproductive rights activists. CLPP also is expanding the reach and impact of the movement by connecting reproductive rights to women’s health, safety and empowerment, economic and racial justice, youth liberation, queer rights, environmental justice, peace and security, disability rights, and immigrants’ rights.


Hyde – 30 years is enough: The National Network of Abortion Funds a network of grassroots groups that help women and girls pay for abortions — has joined with other groups to launch the Hyde — 30 Years is Enough! Campaign.   We call for full public funding of abortion as a part of comprehensive health care for all, and support for low-income women to care for their children with dignity.  We stand for reproductive justice, a world in which all women have the power and resources necessary to make healthy decisions about their bodies and their families.


National Network of Abortion Funds: In 1993, 24 grassroots abortion Funds came together to create the National Network of Abortion Funds. Today, as the only organization of its kind, the Network includes over 100 Funds in more than 40 states. Grassroots abortion Funds continue to provide leadership for the Network. Members of our board of directors come directly from our member Funds, and each board member plays an active role in providing assistance to women in need on the local level.


Pro-Choice Public Education Project: The Pro-Choice Public Education Project is dedicated to engaging young women on their terms around the critical issue of reproductive freedom. Historically, the reproductive rights movement has marginalized young women, women of color, and low-income women, among other groups. PEP works to bridge the gap between organizations and diverse young women by both listening to young women’s stories, and by working with organizations to help them meet young women where they are.


The Rainbow Health Initiative: Founded in 2000, The Rainbow Health Initiative is a non-profit corporation comprised of community activists, physicians, health advocates and citizens. The mission of Rainbow Health is improving the health and well-being of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people in Minnesota through education, clinical practice, research, and advocacy

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